What is SUPER 2?

Already a popular format in Southeast Asia‚ SUPER 2 is a doubles league hitting North America!
SUPER 2 is open to players of ALL LEVELS featuring 3 Divisions of play: A‚ B‚ C
Players will earn money back with each leg win!
Compete to be the best duo at your Regional Final!


A – Team Cap: 23 (Individual Cap: N/A)
B – Team Cap: 16 (Individual Cap: 10)
C – Team Cap: 10 (Individual Cap: 7)

Schedule of SUPER 2

◆Sign up period: Sign up period begins June 1‚ 2016. Please contact your local operator to find out how to register!
◆League period: Start time will vary by operator. Please contact your local operator to find out when your league will start!
◆Regional Finals: TBD (Region Final date will be set by the Director in each Region)

Please check the details at the official web page here or ask to the DARTSLIVE operator.
If you’re not sure where you can find your local DARTSLIVE operator, please check the shop search page to find out your closest DARTSLIVE location.
>>DARTSLIVE Search Canada

Game Information


Team Registration fee: $40
Please insert the weekly league fees into the machine only after being prompted by the league system to insert the money into the board.
Inserting money into the board before being prompted will not count toward the league fee.


Sign-ups for SUPER 2 will open in June‚ 2016!
If you’re not sure on how to join SUPER 2‚ here are some easy steps on how to join!

Steps to join SUPER 2
1. Find your local DARTSLIVE location and contact your local DARTSLIVE operator for signing up.
2. Build your team of 2 or more players to fit the division that best suits your team’s skill level.
3. When building your team‚ make sure everyone has a DARTSLIVE Card and a DARTSLIVE Rating. (5) game plays of each 01 and Cricket games are required to have a Rating.
4. Check the League website to make sure of your team’s match schedule once your division’s schedule is fixed.

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