Top Gun Tournament 2016 Summer

Come watch the top players in Vancouver go head to head! The event is open for public viewing! Come cheer on your fellow players! 

At this event, all players are representing a home shop and the winner will keep the Top Gun Trophy at the home shop until the next Top Gun!

Top Gun Tournament – Invite only no handicap tournament
started by Yoshi

Game Format: 2 stages, round robin (501-Cri- 501), knock out round (701-Cri- Cri-701- Choice)

*all 01 game are 50/50 Bull, arrange off and master out 
*Advancement from the Round robin stage will be determined by points format so all 3 games must to be played.

Each Win = 1 point.
Tie Break to be announced once bracket is finalized.

*Round robin stage will start with a coin toss then diddle (cork) for the start, loser of the leg go first the next game.
*knock out round stage will start with a coin toss then diddle (cork) for the start and the order will continue in an alternating order.
*in case of a 2-2 tie in the knock out round, coin toss then diddle (cork) will be used to determine first or choice of game.

Game Information

Date June 19th, 2016 (Sunday)
Time Door opens at 12:00pm
Game start at 1:00pm
Location DartSoul (Map )
Address Unit 204 7840 Alderbridge Way, Richmond, BC V6X 2A5

$20 (100% payout)



Player must respond by no later than June 8th in order to secure your spot. As at and after June 8th 11:59 PM, any declined invitation or non response will be removed from the event and other players from the reserved list will be invited.





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